Given our drive towards one-of-a-kind projects, the scope of work for each client is different. We will develop a service proposal specific to your unique objectives and requirements. However the type of work that we can do for you includes:

Concept & Business Planning

Wellness is a new but fast-growing industry. To succeed in the long term, you need a concept that is unique, enduring, effective and financially viable. We specialise in creating business models developed according to your specific objectives and needs: a model that is right for your location, target market, passions, vision, budget and resources.

The deliverable under this scope is a Concept & Business Plan presentation that maps out your entire business, including estimated set-up cost and financial projections. It is an invaluable tool for investors, financiers and all stakeholders.

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Spa & Wellness Set-Up – Online Course

Prefer to do it yourself? We get it. Your wellness idea is your baby, and you want to bring it to fruition. You just need guidance to know what to do, how and when.

For over 10 years, Sam ran international courses on Spa Development & Spa Management at the famous Chiva-Som Academy in Thailand. During that time, she taught hundreds of passionate individuals from all over the world how to set up their own wellness business. Many have gone on to win international awards and even establish franchises.

“I knew I wanted to open a spa but didn’t know the first thing about doing so. Sam’s course was invaluable! Now, 5 spas on, I STILL use the same tools and concepts I learned 10 years ago. The course was a complete eye opener and it’s everything that you will need to know to get started.  The tips and insights saved me so much money, as I avoided common mistakes made that would more than likely lead to the spa failing. Thank you, Sam, as I would never have been able to do it without you.”

Salina Handa, SensAsia Urban Spas

Private training online: Learn how to set up your own spa or wellness centre, step-by-step. Complete your business plan, and be supported every step of the way with instruction, templates, guidelines and one-to-one advice.

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Coaching-Consulting Hybrid

Perhaps you want to set up and manage the business yourself, but feel that you’ll need a helping hand for direction and motivation?

Coaching-Consulting is the solution. It’s more cost effective than traditional consulting, because you assist the consultant in gathering local market information. By being involved throughout the development process, you will understand every aspect of the business, and have the confidence required to manage your business successfully.

If this co-working arrangement appeals to you, contact us for a complimentary consultation and customised proposal.

Mystery Shopping

Do you already offer wellness services, but want to know how they stack up in the international market? We have over 20 years global experience in the full spectrum of wellness services, including: diagnostics / consultations, spa, beauty, fitness, physio & bodywork, holistic health, medical and aesthetic services.

Reports are constructive in their nature and feedback, and assess how well your staff are meeting your client’s needs in terms of customer service, technical skills, home-care advice and follow-up. Comment is also made on essentials such as access, presentation and hygiene.

All mystery shops are conducted anonymously: the shopper remains undisclosed, and so may be used again to compare progress over time.

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TOPS Business Audit & Advisory

Ideal for any operation seeking improvement, but especially those needing business turnaround. The audit starts with a Mystery Shop, but then goes behind the scenes to review and evaluate all aspects of operations, including:

  • Treatments: products, menu, pricing, procedures, skill levels, safety, professionalism.
  • Operations: facilities, inventory, staffing, training, reporting, marketing, operating procedures.
  • Presentation: design, ambience, signage, staff presentation, room set-ups, marketing collaterals.
  • Service: quality, consistency, knowledge, language skills, sales ability, follow-up.

The report includes detailed findings, and recommendations are provided using a ‘traffic light’ system of priority. 

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Wellness Consulting

Ad hoc consulting can be provided depending on your needs:

  • Pre-Opening: if you already have a concept, we can support you with pre-opening implementation.
  • Management Mentoring: if you want to manage the business yourself but are new to wellness, we can provide regular reviews and mentoring to help guide decision-making.
  • Retreat Development: for existing hotel operators looking to introduce wellness retreats, OR practitioners wanting to develop complete retreat offerings to pitch to resort operators. 
  • Product Development: the creation of branded professional and retail ranges. 
  • Workplace Wellness: initiatives for companies wanting to improve health & productivity in the workplace.

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