Spa Resort, Italy

Spa Resort, South Tyrol, Italy

Eco-designed 35-key upscale spa resort in the South Tyrol. Fusing Thai spa with European hydrothermal, functional fitness, SLOW food and Wellness elements throughout, the resort will offer lifestyle programs for deep rest and rejuvenation. Opening Sep 2020. Wellness Resort, China

Wellness Resort, Conghua China

Wellness Resort, DSM China

Nestled amidst forest, this 32-key detox resort combines villas and glamping to minimise footprint, and unique outdoor wellness experiences to help guests de-stress by immersing in nature. Designed to service both day guests and retreat guests for commercial efficiency, without compromising privacy.


Prefer to get into the wellness business with an established brand? We can tailor the following business models to suit your market:

BodyConscious: the mindful path to a better body, and better life.

BodyConscious is a health & weight loss center with a difference. Far from the typical slimming world of diet pills, miracle creams and one-size-fits-all programs, we believe in getting to the root cause of why clients have weight challenges in the first place.

Weight loss is not just a matter of eating less and exercising more. Science has proven that – in addition to nutrition and movement – stress, sleep, hormones, toxic load, musculoskeletal conditions and emotional factors all play a role.

By understanding each client’s current biology, psychology, environment and lifestyle, BodyConscious creates tailored lifestyle programs that are perfectly suited to achieve not just weight loss, but better all-round health and happiness.

BodyConscious launched in Bangkok on 1st October 2018, following a 3-month trial in which participants lost between 12-25kg of body fat in 12 weeks.

Moreover, the trial participants experienced significant improvements in:

  • Energy, sleep, focus, mood and motivation;
  • Mobility, pain relief and fitness.
  • Blood pressure, inflammation and cardiac risk markers.
  • Cholesterol and lipid profile.
  • Hormonal balance; normalisation of stress and sex hormones.
  • Diabetic participants reduced (and in some cases eliminated) their need for insulin.

BodyConscious is a brand owned by specialist wellness operator, Destination Spa Management (DSM) and is available as a management agreement. Contact us if interested in establishing a BodyConscious in your area.